Kenyan Holidays for Trip Enthusiasts

When deciding on spending Kenya Safari Holiday, one must never overlook the multitude of National Parks available to locals and tourists alike. Kenya is a home to over 20 National and Marine Parks which make spending time with animals of all sorts possible. If a person wants to go sight seeing, he or she simply needs to decide on what type of sights to pursue and Kenya has it available. From snowy mountains to deep sea scuba diving, Kenya offers the full array of options for every possible tourist. Some of these park vacations expect tourists to hike their way through rugged terrain and earn their viewing pleasure while other vacation trips expect tourists to do little more than sit back and enjoy the views. Many options are available for every person trying to plan and take a holiday within the beautiful terrain of Kenya. So all there is left to do is decide when to go and have fun!

It is not just wildlife that exists in the famous Masai Mara, there are semi-nomadic tribes living in the savannah too. The people in these tribes of Kenya and Tanzania are called Maasai. If you want to spend your Kenya Safari holiday differently, you could opt to visit a Maasai village to meet Maasai people. The Maasai live in small mud huts and live on cattle and tourists visiting fees. They are often less thought of by Kenyan authorities and tourists who do not expect to see them, but usually expects to see the Big 5 and the rest of the wildlife distinctive of Africa. These people stick to their old customs and refuse to adapt to new ones although they have learned to trade handmade beadwork for shillings and tourists’ clothes as a living. Taking a peek at the village will definitely leave you with an afterthought.

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