Is Pattaya Thailand Preferable Than Phuket Thailand?

If you have been to Pattaya Thailand, then perhaps you may have heard of its island counterpart located within the same country, which is the island of Phuket. Whereas both Pattaya and Phuket are both the same in the sense that both places contain perhaps some of the most endearing coastlines in the world which are perfect for spending summer activities, those places are vastly different in a lot of respects. In the case of Pattaya, a more cosmopolitan lifestyle is more apparent than that in Phuket, being an island which is quite separated (although not so anymore, because it has bridges connecting to mainland Thailand) from the rest of the urban fare of Thailand. Also, the thing about Pattaya is that it does not enjoy much of the island features Phuket is known for, but both places a lot of distinct features to offer to all of its guests. Both places feature a lot of ideal places for accommodation as well, so people do not need to worry on where to stay to spend their great holidays. Thus, Phuket Thailand may be different from Pattaya, but both places feature the uniqueness of Thailand and both are actually great places which might suit your preference greatly.

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